UCPL WebPrint

WebPrint was created to allow for wireless and remote printing of compatible documents using the library’s public printer and release system.  In addition, the goal was to make this process as non-invasive as possible – no software to install or configure your device.   All interactions take place through the WebPrint site.
How does it work?
From the WebPrint site: 1) enter your e-mail address, 2) select desired compatible file to print, 3) chose print options based upon file type, 4) click the upload and submit button, and finally, 5) visit the UCPL Circulation desk, within 2 hours, to have the print job released.
Terms and Conditions
* File is limited to a maximum size of 50 MB.
* Paper is Letter size (8½"x11") portrait or (11”x8½”) landscape.
* Print jobs will be held for 2 hours before automatic deletion.
* B&W prints are 10¢ per page, Color prints are 40¢ per page.
* Document types include PDF, DOCX, XLSX, PPTX, TXT.
* Graphic types include JPG, BMP, GIF, TIF, PNG.
* Print service is non-interactive.
Always perform a print preview on your device beforehand.
Ready to print?  Click the link below!